Corporate social responsibility

Looking ahead

We are committed and actively working towards a net 0% carbon footprint by 2030.

The first step on this journey was taken in 2016, when the brewery made its biggest ever investment and built a new energy centre designed to recycle waste energy and generate its own heat.

3 years later, Kopparberg joined the Swedish Beverage Industry Climate Initiative (BICI), a collective of like-minded businesses with a collaborative ambition to build a more sustainable industry, with zero climate impact and where every drop counts.

Through cross-industry sharing of best practice and investment, we can proudly say:

  • 81% of cider bottles are made from recycled glass
  • 50% of cans are made from recycled aluminium
  • 50% of boxes are made from recycled materials

Discover more

Watch our CSR video below to find out more about our push for sustainability and the initiatives already underway to achieve our net 0% target by 2030: